A Musical Journey

What is music? What is drive? What is a dream?
And furthermore what does it mean to chase your dream?
PRECYSE is an artist that can truly answer these questions.

The dream began in Redwood City, CA and was honed in Muskogee, OK. At the early age of 4, PRECYSE realized his gift to vocally express, soulfully connect, and the ability to uplift his loved ones. At the moment it was merely a device that was used to brighten their day. It wasn’t until he noticed the reaction from those loved ones whose lives had been changed, that he truly realized his gift to spiritually connect through music.

Just as Marvin Gaye has asked the question “What’s goin on?” and Ray Charles’s decision to stand up to racism and not perform in Georgia, and Stevie Wonders’ “Hold on to your Dream,” PRECYSE, just like his predecessors has a message which he will continue to deliver with emotion through music, which will spark a forever change in the next aspiring mind.